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Tim Wheaton Photography |  Southern California Natural Light Photographer bio picture

they call me... tim

i know i should use capital letters, but i am not a fan of what it does to the letter
"I", in most cases. if i had to decide between a tree that grew time
and a tree that grew money, i would honestly have to sit and think about which
to pick the fruit from. i do not eat fruit. nope. ask me again and i'll tell
you the same. i don't eat fruit and i don't eat seafood. i like to think i am
not "picky" because i knock out whole food groups at a time. i've
been told i have a dry sense of humor. i've also been told i look like howie
mandel. i'm not sure if that is a compliment. i am uber-blessed to have a wife
who "deals with me"... though she may run into eye trouble one day
for how much she rolls her eyes at my antics.

i love to take photos. i love what they capture of my life and your lives. and then i
love to take those moments and "paint" on them... to reflect some of
the emotion that is already there in a unique way.

add this page to your bookmarks. i will continue to show sneak previews of what i am working
on as well as session summaries. you will also find random promotions and
discounts, as well as sporadic views into my and my family's life.

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aimée | model | joshua tree, ca

aimée. how in the world does one describe her? she is a jack of many trades, some of which i had no idea before spending time with her doing our shoot. she is a mama, wardrobe stylist, a doula, a vintage curator… the list goes on and on. if you know me and how much […]

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tara lynn | orange county | portraits

tara is one of those six degrees of separation people. this and that friend know her, etc etc and i met her at one of greg lutzka’s summer parties. we bounced around the idea a couple of times about doing a photo shoot and finally agreed. i was truly shocked when she told me she […]

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alexa | laguna beach | model and fashion photography

i love my local friend/models who make themselves available to me so my camera doesn’t get too dusty during my downtimes, who let me try out new lighting or gear with them. as photography is an artform, i find it extremely imperative to keep shooting, to keep trying new things or even just tweaking things […]

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tara | laguna beach | model and fashion photography

tara and i had shot previously — seen here for her first time in front of the camera. she did so well and enjoyed it so much, that we went back for another round. this time, a much more bohemian take on things. yes… i am almost to the point of cringing when i hear “bohemian” […]

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